Cost of Study

Tuition, Fees and Contributions

As with every university in Switzerland tuition is very low. Doctoral students pay a tuition fee of CHF 150 per semester. Foreign students who did not obtain their qualification in Switzerland or Liechtenstein pay an additional CHF 100 surcharge. Finally CHF 54 up to 80 contribute to the library, academic sport association and other funds.

Thus you may expect a minimum total amount of CHF 608 (or CHF 408 respectively) per academic year for tuition, fees and contributions.

Living Costs

While tuition is low living costs are rather high in Zurich. You should expect:

Rent   690.-
Health care/insurance*   100.-
Food   450.-
Transport     95.-
Study materials   120.-
Fees and contributions     50.-
Clothes, Hygiene   100.-
Social insurance     40.-
Leisure   150.-
Other costs (Phone, Internet, Serafe)   140.-
Total per month 2'000.- CHF

* after state rate reduction