Study Tracks

The Graduate School of Business offers two study tracks fitted to the academic background of applicants:

  • Track B for students with a Master's degree
  • Track C ("Fast Track") for excellent students with a Bachelor's degree

Track B: Students with a Master's degree

Track B is considered for students with an excellent Master's degree (likewise a German diploma or a Swiss lic. oec.). Executive MBA programs are not eligible for our doctoral programs. The two semester course program consists of core courses such as Management Theory, Empirical Research Methods, Microeconomics and a number of electives and specialized courses. At the end of their course work, students write their research proposals and start working on their dissertation research under the supervision of a faculty member.

Track C: Excellent students with a Bachelor's degree

Any excellent student with a Bachelor's degree may apply for a “fast-track” program. Students start with Master courses and earn their Master's degrees after two semesters of coursework (60 ECTS) and a Master thesis; if permitted, they then go on with their doctoral course work and their dissertation. The fast track program may save excellent and ambitious students up to two semesters. One particular advantage is that their master thesis (30 ECTS) may serve as a research proposal if it is of outstanding quality. After their research proposals have been approved, students start with their dissertation under the supervision of a faculty member.