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Course Program Fall 2024

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Module booking

Students who want to obtain ECTS credits for internal courses or seminars always have to book the corresponding module in advance here. Default registration periods are

  • Jan 17, 2024 (10:00 am) - Mar 12, 2024 for spring term 2024
  • Aug 14, 2024 (10:00 am) - Oct 8, 2024 for fall term 2024

Few exceptions are mentioned only in the course catalogue. Booked modules are binding once the registration period has ended.

Doctoral Agreement

The Doctoral agreement must be submitted to the program coordinator and updated completely once a year, the new forms here are introduced gradually for all doctoral candidates in 2024:

DE: Doktoratsvereinbarung GSB (DOCX, 90 KB)

EN: Doctoral Agreement GSB (DOCX, 90 KB)

Note: Old templates up to December 31, 2023 can be requested from the GSB if graduation is planned in 2024 and a document update of an existing version becomes necessary. 


Although our PhD courses are completely taught in English the legal regulations are available in German only. An English interpretation of the second document is provided below, but please consider this as a service without any legally binding implications.

DE: Promotionsverordnung PVO 2013 (PDF, 120 KB)

DE: Doktoratsordnung 2013 (PDF, 395 KB)

EN: Unofficial translation of Doktoratsordnung 2013 (PDF, 406 KB)

Regulations Archive

All precedent versions are provided by Dean's Office here.

Graduation and Registering for the Defense

The doctoral degrees are registered directly with the Dean's Office, many important information for the preparation steps (DE: Vorbereitungsschritte) and the degree conferral dates (DE: Promotionstermine) can be found directly on the website of the OEC Faculty.

When preparing for the graduation, two dates should be planned first:

  1. The day when your thesis is ready to be submitted for review, and the graduation can be registered at the Dean's Office with all necessary documents.
  2. The day of the public thesis defense, including time and location.

Between (1.) and (2.) should be at least 4-6 weeks, and the date of defense (2.) must be specified in detail at the time the thesis (1.) is submitted.

Please note that the submission of the thesis (1.) itself requires a number of preparatory steps. In particular, various signatures and confirmations must be obtained in advance. To avoid any delays, at least 1-2 months should be planned for this again, the actual time required can vary considerably.

The dissertation committee always has to be approved by the responsible examination delegate before registering for the defense (1.). Please note that this process can take some time. Students in Business Administration therefor contact the GSB, those of Management and Economics the Chair of Entrepreneurship directly.

Please note that the GSB can be contacted at any time with individual questions, for example about efficient scheduling, requirements or the further timing until the title is awarded. A consultation in individual cases is usually much easier than an additional information sheet for all possible scenarios.

Graduate Campus

Prospects and opportunities for doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers

Through the Graduate Campus, UZH is creating an innovative and inspirational research environment for young academics. On a voluntary and self-initiative basis, it offers doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers:

  • Exchange and networking possibilities beyond the boundaries of disciplines, faculties and generations
  • Support for self-organized, multi- and interdisciplinary activities
  • Thought-provoking discourse in a multidisciplinary context
  • Possibilities for the development of individual academic networks
  • A platform which presents the accomplishments of young academics to the outside

More information about the Graduate Campus and its financing opportunities is available at

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