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Complete Application Package

Please check again that you have all required documents (Track B/C). Only candidates with a complete application package will be considered for admission. In addition, some general thoughts on the questions Should I pursue a PhD? (external link) usually prove to be useful and are worth a final check of your own motivation.

Language of Application

All documents must be written in English or German. Although we do not need original documents, all documents must be copies of the original documents. If the language of the original document is not English or German, we need a copy of an official translation of the documents.

Applications for Track B/C

Applications for Track B or C have to be submitted by using our online form.

The online application form is currenty closed until August 15th, 2021.

Before sending your documents please convert them to PDF format (Maximum size of the attachments 20 MB). Free converter programs are available on the web.

Applications for Track A

Please submit your application entirely by email to: