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Graduate School of Business

Applicants Already Having a Supervisor (Track A)

One of our faculty members already agreed to guide you through your dissertation project. In that case the faculty member already reviewed your application and we need you only to provide the following documents:

Please hand in scans or copies only for all documents, we will not send back any originals. Electronic applications in PDF format by e-mail are welcome, please see our address here.

Students who did not obtain their master's degree in Business Administraton or Economics (or similar) may be asked for GMAT or GRE test results prior to admission. The same is always true if the applicant did not graduate in Switzerland or selected European Bologna countries. In case of test registration, please use the GSB's own institution codes:

GMAT: XZM-HL-62 GRE: 0487            

Weiterführende Informationen

How to apply

Send us your documents electronically in PDF format.

Application Deadlines Track A

start in spring term: Nov 30

start in fall term: May 31