GMAT/GRE Requirement

Mandatory Test Scores

GMAT/GRE test scores play an important role in assessing international applications as grading systems vary a great deal across the world.

Therefore we do no process applications without test results. We may ask you to have the test providers send us official score reports. In that case please use

  • Institution Code XZM-HL-62 for GMAT test scores,
    (University of Zurich - Graduate School of Business as program name)
  • Institution Code 0487 for GRE test scores.

Minimum Test Scores

Although we use the test scores to run the applications through a competitive process, we do not require minimum test scores. Minimum test scores would in most cases be either too low or too high and depend on current test formats. We use test scores to compare applicants to each other.

Testing Centers

Please refer to the test providers for information on testing centers as that information may update fast.