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Graduate School of Business

Admission to our Structured Programs (Track B/C)

Competitive Procedure

Admission to our structured programs is limited and extremly competitive. Be sure to provide all required documents in order to have your application reviewed. More information on these documents is provided on the following pages:

Weiterführende Informationen

How to apply

Submit your complete dossier by using our online application form between August 15th and October 15th, 2024 for admission and enrollment starting in fall term 2024 (see "Apply Now").

Language of Application

All documents must be written in English or German. If the language of the original document is not English or German, we need a copy of an official translation of the documents.

Acceptance of Applications

start in fall: Feb 15th - Apr 15th
start in spring: Aug 15th - Oct 15th

Living in Switzerland

Foreign students can find some basic information about how to get to Switzerland, visa requirements and similar here.


Frequently Asked Questions