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Graduate School of Business

Fields of Study

The Structured PhD-Course Program of GSB-UZH consists of three parts:

General Program Requirements (18 ECTS)

Independent of the research area, all PhD students have to take the „General Program Requirements“ to acquire a solid theoretical and methodological basis in business administration:

  • Business Administration for Research Students: Theory (9 ECTS)
  • Business Administration for Research Students: Empirical Methods (9 ECTS)

We expect entering students to have sufficient background to perform successfully in these courses. In case a student lacks these prerequisites, additional preparatory courses should be taken prior or during the first year doctoral courses. In addition, fields may designate acceptable substitute courses. Substitute courses are only valid for students' course requirements if officially announced on the GSB homepage before taking a possible substitute.

Field Course Requirements (15 ECTS)

In addition to the General Program Requirements PhD-students choose a field of specialization and are within this field free to choose from a variety of courses (18 ECTS). The GSB offers four attractive fields with structured PhD-course programs that guide students to become competitive on the international academic market.

Generic Competencies (3 ECTS)

Last but not least, students have to take 3 ECTS in courses on "Generic Competencies".


In addition to their PhD-title, students who finish the necessary 18 ECTS according to one of the field-specific study programs receive a formal confirmation issued by the department of business administration signaling their field-specific profile as a PhD-student.

The four fields of study offered by GSB are:

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