Management, Organization and Strategy (MOS)

We conduct theoretical and empirical research about organizations, their strategies, management, intra- and inter-organizational relations, organizing processes, and organizational development. Research in Management, Organization and Strategy (MOS) builds upon a broad selection of theoretical foundations including cognitive and learning theories, institutional theory, organizational ecology, organizational and industrial organization economics, resource-based theory, social network theory, strategic choice theories, systems theory, as well as non-mainstream approaches such as critical and post-modern perspectives. We contribute knowledge about emerging and continuing management challenges such as business ethics, corporate social responsibility, governance and control, corporate venturing, entrepreneurship, international management, global strategies, organizational learning and knowledge management, organizational renewal, organizational restructuring, organizational decline, M&A, and strategic alliances. We value theoretical and methodological rigor, encourage methodological pluralism and establish linkages between theory and practice.

Program Overview 2019

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